2017: Daunt Ye Not! Anticipate!


You may have noticed that screaming televisions, pessimistic newspapers & antisocial streams are continuing their agenda of misery.  Quiet Quiet Band encourage you to reject it!

Sure we’re all fucked now, but why get down about it.  Why not rejoice in these 3 great things happening in 2017.

      1. The NEW Quiet Quiet Band Album – yes ma’am you heard me, a new album. Messers Purcell, Gillespie, Painter, Hare-Winton & I are hard at work on album 2.   A foolishly ambitious narrative driven murder folk operetta.  Alright! Get Happy!pdsj-1st-session
      2. Are You Listening Festival – April 22 2017 sees the 5th incarnation of Reading’s amazing multi-venue festival.  We are stupidly happy to be playing this year alongside local genius Matt Maltease & the amazing Flamingods.  Get your tickets here.ayl_poster_nov16_small
      3. The NEW Series of Twin Peaks – as a lad too young to process the world of Dale Cooper, Bob et al I watched every episode of the first broadcast of series 1&2 on BBC2.  Formative you might say. Child abuse you might say. Damn fine I say. Stupidly excited for series 3.

Say nay to the naysayers and say yay to the yaysayers. We will stand together and take 2017 by it’s beautiful balls.

Love & hugs,



Face those January Blues with QQB

Hi friends, long time no see!

Take a moment to breathe in that fresh 2016 air. Smells good, doesn’t it? Full of excitement and promise. Or maybe that’s just the wilting veg in my fridge…

We’ve started this year on a sad note, with the news of the deaths of musical legends like Lemmy and David Bowie, and our own fair Jay Newton leaving the band for faraway lands. We’re hard at work on the next phase of QQB, figuring out old favourites as five men rather than six, and considering where we go from here. Reading friends will get a taster of what’s to come at our next show, at the Rising Sun Arts Centre on January 29th. We’ll be celebrating Independent Venue Week at Club Velocity, and we hope you’ll join us! Small venues like the Rising Sun have been so important to all our musical lives, not just with QQB, and we have to go out and show our support for the ones we love before they get turned into a Tesco Express or some shit.



Also just announced is an appearance at the Arena Sessions on March 2nd. Hosted at a secret and extremely intimate location in London’s Manor House, we’ll be playing a rare acoustic show alongside Kai Carter and the London Klezmer Quartet. Links for furter info and tickets below:



In November we spent some time snuggled up in Tottenham Hale at REKroom studios (http://www.rek7.com/#!rekrooms/c1kwx) recording some tasty new jams of a couple of songs that have been part of our live set for a while, and some new tunes too. Look out for them in the months to come!


Lastly, as a little present from us to you, is a recording of our song Carol Ann, captured live at the Magic Garden at our show last November. Please enjoy and be merry, and we’ll see you on the road in 2016!

Love, QQB.

A love letter to January

Dearest dearests,

Sometimes January sucks. No cash. No excuse for drinking all day. No fun.

But not January 2015 my lovelies!

Instead January 2015 brought with it such wonderful gifts for all things Quiet Quiet Band.

1) We met so many great new friends at our shows at Camden Monarch, The Good Ship & Oakford Social Club – your flowers are all on order

2) We also discovered new friends overseas – big love & kisses to…

Man On The Moon (http://stipe07.blogs.sapo.pt/quiet-quiet-band-battery-human-642629)
Son Of Marketing (http://www.sonofmarketing.it/video-quiet-quiet-band-battery-human/)
Faronheit (http://faronheit.com/2015/01/pick-your-poison-wednesday-1-28-15/)

3) And had some lovely attention from even more attractive callers – teddy bears covered in hearts are on their way to…

Artrocker (http://www.artrocker.tv/features/article/5-things-about-..-quiet-quiet-band)
With Guitars (http://www.withguitars.com/quiet-quiet-band-battery-human-free-folk-punk-download-video/)
Mad Mackerel (http://madmackerel.org/2015/01/11/introducing-quiet-quiet-band/)
Speak Into My Good Eye (http://speakimge.com/london-folk-punks-quiet-quiet-band-drop-battery-human-single-discuss-alien-invasion/)
Gigslutz (http://www.gigslutz.co.uk/tracks-week-04-02-15/)
Circuit Sweet (http://circuitsweet.co.uk/2015/01/introducing-quiet-quiet-band/)
Jammerzine (http://jammerzine.com/first-look-quiet-quiet-band-battery-human/)
Insomnia Radio (http://insomniaradio.net/2015/01/14/quiet-quiet-band-battery-human/)

So on the eve of St Valentine I declare undying adoration to all who have made this a particularly sexy 2015.

Come and share our Bunks at our first headline London show March 13th



How to Make Fudge (for Fête de la Musique)

Today is the summer solstice and also Fête de la Musique (http://www.fetedelamusique.culture.fr/en/International/presentation/) so in the spirit of the day the recipe for Fudge (Words + Chords) is below.
Why not pick up your guitar and go play it to a stranger?
See you at 2000 Trees,
[G] Would you like a piece of my highly poisoned Fudge?
[C, G] Did I say highly poisoned? I meant to say delicious
[D, C, G] Definitely delicious not at all highly poisoned
[D,C, G] Would you like a piece of my highly poisoned Fudge?
[C, G] Hey!  I think you’re great
[D, C, G] All I want to do is wear your face
[C, G] Hey! I think you’re G-R-E-A-T
[D, C, G] Your face would look pretty cute on me
[G] Would you like to ride in my blacked out window-ed car?
[C, G] Don’t worry about the smell of meat I’ve just been to the butchers
[D, C, G] All those blood-red stains are merely spilled baked beans
[D, C, G] Would you like to ride in my blacked window-ed car?
[C, G] Hey!  I think you’re great
[D, C, G] All I want to do is wear your face
[C, G] Hey! I think you’re G-R-E-A-T
[D, C, G] Your face would look pretty cute on me
[G] Would you like to come over and babysit my cat?
[C, G] For I must go abroad and there will be an empty flat
[D, C, G] In fact this building’s empty no-one will hear your screams
[D, C, G] Would you like to come over and babysit my cat?
[C, G] Hey!  I think you’re great
[D, C, G] All I want to do is wear your face
[C, G] Hey! I think you’re G-R-E-A-T
[D, C, G] Your face would look pretty cute on me

The Finsbury & 2000 Trees

Hey y’all,

It’s been a great week this week.

Thing the First: our show at The Finsbury on Thurs 5th June was a belter.  Screaming shouting dancing – thank you to all who came and let their hair down.  Hopefully we’ll have some more London shows soon for you.  🙂

Thing the Second: I am very pleased to announce that the lovely folk @Addistock (http://addistock.wordpress.com/) have got Quiet Quiet Band on the bill at 2000 Trees Festival (http://www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk/).  Lovely people – lovely festival.  There are tix left too so get involved…

Love & hugs,