2017: Daunt Ye Not! Anticipate!


You may have noticed that screaming televisions, pessimistic newspapers & antisocial streams are continuing their agenda of misery.  Quiet Quiet Band encourage you to reject it!

Sure we’re all fucked now, but why get down about it.  Why not rejoice in these 3 great things happening in 2017.

      1. The NEW Quiet Quiet Band Album – yes ma’am you heard me, a new album. Messers Purcell, Gillespie, Painter, Hare-Winton & I are hard at work on album 2.   A foolishly ambitious narrative driven murder folk operetta.  Alright! Get Happy!pdsj-1st-session
      2. Are You Listening Festival – April 22 2017 sees the 5th incarnation of Reading’s amazing multi-venue festival.  We are stupidly happy to be playing this year alongside local genius Matt Maltease & the amazing Flamingods.  Get your tickets here.ayl_poster_nov16_small
      3. The NEW Series of Twin Peaks – as a lad too young to process the world of Dale Cooper, Bob et al I watched every episode of the first broadcast of series 1&2 on BBC2.  Formative you might say. Child abuse you might say. Damn fine I say. Stupidly excited for series 3.

Say nay to the naysayers and say yay to the yaysayers. We will stand together and take 2017 by it’s beautiful balls.

Love & hugs,



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