A love letter to January

Dearest dearests,

Sometimes January sucks. No cash. No excuse for drinking all day. No fun.

But not January 2015 my lovelies!

Instead January 2015 brought with it such wonderful gifts for all things Quiet Quiet Band.

1) We met so many great new friends at our shows at Camden Monarch, The Good Ship & Oakford Social Club – your flowers are all on order

2) We also discovered new friends overseas – big love & kisses to…

Man On The Moon (http://stipe07.blogs.sapo.pt/quiet-quiet-band-battery-human-642629)
Son Of Marketing (http://www.sonofmarketing.it/video-quiet-quiet-band-battery-human/)
Faronheit (http://faronheit.com/2015/01/pick-your-poison-wednesday-1-28-15/)

3) And had some lovely attention from even more attractive callers – teddy bears covered in hearts are on their way to…

Artrocker (http://www.artrocker.tv/features/article/5-things-about-..-quiet-quiet-band)
With Guitars (http://www.withguitars.com/quiet-quiet-band-battery-human-free-folk-punk-download-video/)
Mad Mackerel (http://madmackerel.org/2015/01/11/introducing-quiet-quiet-band/)
Speak Into My Good Eye (http://speakimge.com/london-folk-punks-quiet-quiet-band-drop-battery-human-single-discuss-alien-invasion/)
Gigslutz (http://www.gigslutz.co.uk/tracks-week-04-02-15/)
Circuit Sweet (http://circuitsweet.co.uk/2015/01/introducing-quiet-quiet-band/)
Jammerzine (http://jammerzine.com/first-look-quiet-quiet-band-battery-human/)
Insomnia Radio (http://insomniaradio.net/2015/01/14/quiet-quiet-band-battery-human/)

So on the eve of St Valentine I declare undying adoration to all who have made this a particularly sexy 2015.

Come and share our Bunks at our first headline London show March 13th




Quiet Quiet Band & Ben Marwood Split EP released 4 Feb 2013

Hi gang,

Good to see you.  Exciting new news from Quiet Quiet camp – we have a new record coming out on 4th Feb.  An 8 track split EP with your friend & mine Ben Marwood.

“Ben Marwood & Quiet Quiet Band – Lay Low” is available for pre-order from your favourite digital music retailers NOW!!!

Here is the link for Amazon…

Tracklisting is…

1. Run Home (Ben Marwood)

2. Homemade Pistol (Quiet Quiet Band)

3. I Promise You That It Will Be Okay (Ben Marwood)

4. Fudge (Quiet Quiet Band)

5. A Bedpost Mostly Notches (Ben Marwood)

6. Town & Country (Quiet Quiet Band)

7. Come All Ye Unfaithfull (Ben Marwood)

8. Sutterton Roundabout (Quiet Quiet Band)

Super stoked to be putting this out with Mr Marwood – our favourite songwriter in the world today.  To celebrate the release we are having a party @ South Street Arts Centre Reading on 7th Feb.  Ticket details are here.

Come along and bring a friend – it’s going to be fun.

Love & hugs,