Quiet Quiet Band & Ben Marwood Split EP released 4 Feb 2013

Hi gang,

Good to see you.  Exciting new news from Quiet Quiet camp – we have a new record coming out on 4th Feb.  An 8 track split EP with your friend & mine Ben Marwood.

“Ben Marwood & Quiet Quiet Band – Lay Low” is available for pre-order from your favourite digital music retailers NOW!!!

Here is the link for Amazon…

Tracklisting is…

1. Run Home (Ben Marwood)

2. Homemade Pistol (Quiet Quiet Band)

3. I Promise You That It Will Be Okay (Ben Marwood)

4. Fudge (Quiet Quiet Band)

5. A Bedpost Mostly Notches (Ben Marwood)

6. Town & Country (Quiet Quiet Band)

7. Come All Ye Unfaithfull (Ben Marwood)

8. Sutterton Roundabout (Quiet Quiet Band)

Super stoked to be putting this out with Mr Marwood – our favourite songwriter in the world today.  To celebrate the release we are having a party @ South Street Arts Centre Reading on 7th Feb.  Ticket details are here.

Come along and bring a friend – it’s going to be fun.

Love & hugs,





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